This version of the starter kit, has a number of changes, all designed to make it even easier to get started.

Partial Views and Macros

The previous versions of the starter kit where a bit muddled when it came to the use of partial views or macros. This version of the kit prefers partial views over macros. 


Partial views are a more standard way of using MVC so should make using the kit for .net developers easier; they are also easier to move between versions of umbraco as they have no database elements.


Macros are used only when we are letting the editor add features to a page.

Client Dependency Framework

The client dependency framework, manages and minifies all your css and scripts. Previous versions of the starter kit inferred the useage of the Client Dependency framework, but for this version it is baked in.

The Framework makes the management of stylesheets and scripts much simpler - removing the need for the Scripts and Styles sections in all the templates.

The client dependency framework will minify and cache all your scripts and stylesheets, so when developing it is best to set compilation debug="true" in your web.config as this will disable the caching. 

News & Events

A very basic starter for news and events has been included in this version of the starter kit

Contact Pages

We've included contact pages, with forms and everything (although you need to bring you're own mail server)