Macros are a lot like partial views, except they can also be used within the content editor environment

The starter kit keeps its use of Macro's to a minimum - mainly because we have chosen to put all the site functionality into the partial views. and because Macro settings are stored in the DB which makes them harder to move between sites. 

Macros are used when we have functionality that we want to allow the content editors to control, When macros are created you can allow them to be used in the editor. which means the content editor can select them, this is good for things like Galleries and document lists. 

Document List

Allows the content editor to select a media folder, and then all the documents in the folder will be listed on the site. good for when you've got 100's of policy documents you need to show.


EzSearch: the ezsearch macro is part of the ezsearch package, that is included as part of the starter kit, and controls the site search