Most large organisations have venues, or locations that they want to tell people about. In the starter kit venue pages allow you to specify where somewhere is and when it is open to the public. 

Venue Info

The venue info tab contains a map that allows you to pick a location, for your venue. You can either move the red marker or search in the box above the map for you're location. 

once you've set you're location you should change the zoom level (+ / - buttons) to a level that isn't so far out as to tell people what country the venue is in, but not so close that the user has no idea. it's worth fiddling with this until it looks good, and as with everything test it on a few people to see if they can tell where it it.

Opening Times

Below a venue page - you can add Opening Times, this allows you to tell people when somewhere is open or closed. 

if you're venue has multiple opening times (for example it's got a pool and a gym open at different times)  then you can add multiple opening times, if a venue has more than one set of opening times published they will show up in tabs on the venue page.