The starter kit comes with a number of system pages, that perform the basic functions you might expect from a site, these include site search, site maps, and for all our localgov friends an AtoZ.

Each system page, uses the System template as a base, using their own custom partial view to do their thing.


Search in the starter kit is provided by a slightly modified version of ezSearch, which is using Umbraco's build in Examine Index, built upon Lucene.


The sitemap, lists the site tree at the top two levels, this is quite a simple process in Umbraco, and the sitemap partial view might be a good place to start if you are new to Umbraco.

A to Z

All good localgov sites have an a-z, mainly because they are told they need one. We are not big fans of AtoZ's, but if you need one, then the starter kit has one, The AtoZ uses code behind Umbraco to build a cache of the a-z index, and then serve it as needed. this is much quicker than trying to work out what pages begin with W when the user asks.

The AtoZ has a custom Application Handler to build it's own Application Cache, and so the AtoZ is probably a good place to look if you are thinking about expanding your site beyond the standard features offered in Umbraco.