Gateway pages are the navigational core of the starter kit, they are pages that get your users from one place to another. 

when building a large site you need to guide users through a seriese of steps to filter down what they might need, and this is what gateway pages do, with very little effort from you. 

Gateway Layout

Gateway pages build themselves, they use the content beneath them to build a section of links.

By default the first 6 items beneath a gateway page will be used in the main 'Straight to' section of the page, and all other links will be put in the 'more' section at the bottom. 

The Idea is that the more important high volume links appear at the top of the page, with the less used ones listed at the bottom.

Changing the order

To change the order that items appear on a gateway page, you just need to change the order they appear inside Umbraco, right click on the gateway page and select sort - then change the order of the child pages. when you save the order will be reflected on your gateway page.

Listing items from other parts of the site

There are times when you might want to make a gateway page contains links to bits of the site that are not underneath the page, with the starter kit, you need to create a redirect link in the place you want the item to appear. redirect pages are just place-holders with a title, and summary and a pointer to the page you want to redirect to.

when the user views the gateway page they will see the links like any other page, but when they click on a redirect they will be taken to that part of the site. redirects should be used with care, as they can be confusing to users if over used.